Super Chic offers a wide variety of first-class inshore and offshore fishing charters for anglers, family and friends of all skill levels in and around Ocean County, N.J.

Whether you’re targeting trophy tuna, marlin, or shark or looking to reel in prize-worthy bluefish, striped bass, or tilefish, Captain White and his crew will exceed your expectations of tackle, quality of the vessel, navigational electronics, and well-rounded experience.

Inshore Fishing Charters

Traveling just a few miles off the coastline means a faster ride out to the fish, more time dangling bait, consistent year-round fishing opportunities, smaller catches and the use of lighter tackle.

Offshore Fishing Charters

Jetting dozens of miles offshore means a longer ride out to the fish. But the advantages of plentiful: more big-game fishing opportunities, the use of heavier equipment and hooking larger bait to catch the big one—or with us, ones.

What Fish You Will Catch

From tuna, shark and marlin to bluefish, striped fish and tilefish, the diversity of the fish you will reel in on our Ocean County, N.J. inshore and offshore fishing charters is unique and abundant year-round. Here’s what you’ll catch and when.


Looking for local weather reports—or recommended bait and tackle shops nearby? Look no further. We offer a list of suggested resources to help guide you with each and various New Jersey and national fishing resources to answer many of your questions.


What do you need to bring on your next charter boat fishing adventure? What will we provide? And what are some essential guidelines to ensure the safety of you and your party?