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Cast your reel and join us out on the water. But hold on tight—we have all kinds of fish in our waters ready to bite.

Book your reservation on a Barnegat, N.J., inshore and offshore deep-sea fishing charter that has been a “high-liner” for three-plus decades.

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Here’s What Fish Are Biting on Our Inshore and Offshore Fishing Charters in New Jersey

N.J. Inshore and Offshore Tuna Charter Fishing

Whether it’s inshore or out in the open ocean offshore, tuna charter fishing in New Jersey is a skillful hunting game requiring expert research of the tuna’s migration routes, feeding patterns and the proper selection of bait and presentation. Trophy-sized tunas packed with pure muscle are abundant from July through November.

shark 1

New Jersey Shark Fishing Charters

Are you ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush? Capt. White and his crew have more than three-plus decades of first-hand experience catching sharks of all varieties off of the Barnegat, N.J., coastline in June and July. Relax and enjoy your time out on the water with friends and family while you wait for a toothy shark to take your bait. But when you hear the reel screaming, get ready. We’ll be.

marlin 1

Offshore Marlin Charter Fishing Near Me In New Jersey

It’s true: Many anglers consider marline fishing to be the holy grail of offshore sport fishing. Just check out the reasons why: Size, power and the fish’s natural elusiveness. It’s a hard battle to win. Capt. White and his crew know the winning game plan for reeling in these large-sized, striking blue beauties from July through September.

bluefish 2

New Jersey Bluefish Charter Boat

Well known for their intense fight and sharp bites, bluefish are perhaps New Jersey’s most prolific fish. If you’re looking to stockpile a load of fish in a single trip, bluefish is a winning bet, with its peak season starting in May and lasting through November. Larger bluefish tend to be caught in the fall.

srtiped bass 1

Striped Bass Fishing Trips In Barnegat, N.J.

When stripers are on the move and migrating, they’re easier to catch, feeding more ravenously than sedentary fish. Yet, they remain a fun, challenging opponent because of their elusiveness and unpredictability. One tip: Watch for birds, which snatch striped bass as they near the water’s surface. The bait you use, your exact location, the time of the day—each plays a significant factor in your success. Don’t worry: We have you covered.

Tilefish Charter Fishing in Ocean County, N.J.

Burrowed deep in the ocean for shelter is a golden-colored, shallow-watered fish unique to New Jersey’s coastline: tilefish. Deep-dropping is one efficient way to catch these aggressive hunters. Booking a trip with us is an even better method.

Barnegat, N.J., Bottom Fishing Trips

Fun and action-packed, it’s easy to see why bottom fishing is a popular choice for anglers seeking to reel in incredibly long, brag-worthy catches of varying sizes. But while the technique is often simple, the factors in play are plentiful. Different bait, tackle, presentations and fishing styles are needed, depending on what you want to catch and where. From fluke and flounder to sea bass, blackfish and weakfish, we’ll get you over the fish.

When To Join Us For Your Next Charter Boat Fishing, Depending On The Fish You Want

  April May June July August Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Bluefish   X X X X X X X  
Bonito       X X X      
Croaker         X X      
Dolphin         X X X    
False Albacore         X X X    
Fluke       X X X      
Mackeral X                
Marlin       X X X      
Porgy           X X    
Sea bass   X X     X X X  
Tautog X X         X X X
Striped Bass               X X
Shark     X X          
Tuna       X X X X X  
Weakfish         X X X