By Capt Ted White | June 12, 2011

The blue fishing continues to be very reliable and we have had good catches on all our trips this past week.

The fish are still averaging 6-12 lbs. and are biting both day and night. The water temp shot up on Thursday/Friday to almost 69 ! So far we have been fortunate enough to only having to travel just outside our ridge to find the fish.

Eric Johnson had some friends and members of South Park Hunting Club out, they did very well, keeping about 40 fish and releasing as many. Some of the club members along were, Mike Mazzucco, Dan Padden, and Eric’s son Gilbert.

Ray Martin, from the Denver, Pa. area, had family out for a great time. The kids did excellent on the blues and will have something to talk about for the rest of the summer.

Tommy Jones and his pals scored big time at night, catching 85+ blues in one hour twenty minutes ! They used jigs and bait with equal success, the fish bit like mad dogs once the sun went down.