By Capt Ted White | July 25, 2011

We have been directing most of our efforts the last two weeks towards the fluke fishing but did get our first tuna trip in this weekend.

The flukin’ has been up and down, when we have decent conditions( drift, temp) we manage to put together a catch of fluke, seabass, sea robins (yes) and some cocktail blues. Our biggest fluke are in the 21-22″ range with the keeper/short ratio about 1-8.

This Saturday we went to the Hudson for a day troll and caugth 3 yellowfin and had a white marlin on for a short time before it spit the hook. Did try to get some bites behind a scalloper, but he had a load of brown sharks following him as well as the tuna, we got bit off four times then it was time to head home. We have an overnight trip this Sat. night, hoping for good weather again.