By Capt Ted White | August 5, 2012

The smaller blues we had been catching very well have become night biters, but their bigger cousins have moved in a bit offshore and are cooperating. On Friday we made the trip and the Elvin Weaver group scored well with the 8-12lb slammers on bait. All the boats in the area did well also. The next two trips we did a little bottom fishing, caught some fluke and seabass, and put up with the wind. Keith Rudderrow had his family down for some fishing and also to put his friend/father in law to rest on the ocean. We made a breif stop outside the inlet, the pastor held a very nice service, and Jerry was put to the sea as he wanted, RIP, he fished with us many times and was a blast to have aboard. The rest of the day we picked at fluke and seabass. Sunday the wind came on and the bottom fishing slowed down. We ended up fishing a short piece of the tide in the inlet and caught plenty of shorts and a few keepers. If someone is interested, I offering a trip to the AC Airshow on Aug 17, you can charter the entire boat for 1200.00, up to 25 passengers. We will provide water and soda as well as a front row seat. The trip would leave the dock around 8 am and return about 5 pm. If you have a big family group or company trip this would be a great day on the water.