By Capt Ted White | November 11, 2012

We finally made it out Saturday and Sunday, the recent weather has obviously been a PIA. I had moved the boat to Waretown last week so we could get in trips as the island had been closed. On Saturday Lewis Martin brought down his fishing club gang and they put a hurtin’ on the bass. The party of 7 caught their limit plus 5 tags, releasing about another dozen. The largest about 32″, all on live bait. Sunday, Tom Annuziata had his group down to hopefully repeat on last years great trip. Well they did just that. The party of 12 limited out plus 7 tags, releasing another 20 or so. The pool was won by Tom with a 34″ bass. We have moved the boat back to Barnegat Light, the island is open to all as of Saturday. We have some weekday dates open and will try to stay with the bass into December. Pic is from Lewis Martin’s Saturday trip.