By Capt Ted White | May 5, 2013

We are back in the water and ready to go for this year. The season dates have been set for the sea bass this year. Theyare as follows; May 19 to Aug 8, Sept 27 to Oct 14, and Nov 1 to Dec 31. If your fishing plans include sea bass this year check our calendar along with these dates to make a booking. Our prices have changed a little and I will have them up shortly. We have added a new trip to the list, tilefishing, it is a bit of work but the rewards and experience are quite different than your typical fishing trip. May and June are good months for the tiles as well as laterin the year. It won’t be long for the tunas as well, some warm water is already pushing into within our range, the trolling will start in a week or so I’d say, the month of June will be a good bet for some yellowfin trolling. Let’s go fishing !