By Capt Ted White | June 7, 2015

The windy weather last week helped with the seabass fishing but no help yet with the blues.
Friday we made it out in sloppy conditions but the fishing was good so it made up for the rough seas.
Saturday, Bill Brennan had a group down with folks from Carpenters Local 8 of Phila. and some members of the South Park Hunting Club. They did very well on the seabass up to 4lbs. Young Ryan was the pool winner, his pic is below. Also had a mess of ling and a couple cod.
Sunday, Ed Stien had the family and friends out, weather was great and so was the fishing. They did very well on the sea bass with their biggest pushing 5lbs. Today we caught about 80% of the fish on jigs as the bass were gorging on sand eels. The party had the pleasure of using some of our custom made JPR spinning rods. Thanks to Paul from JPR for a great product.